How to make faster profits in the tube industry? The era of laser cutting tube machine has come

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Pipe industry how to make faster earn profits? The era of laser cutting tube machine has arrived! With the rapid growth in the production and consumption of stainless steel tubes in China, tube laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular in China.

Pipe industry how to make faster earn profits? The era of laser cutting tube machine has arrived! With the rapid growth in the production and consumption of stainless steel tubes in China, tube laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular in China. Therefore, the demand for related CNC automation technology is also growing rapidly. Many companies now use laser tube cutting technology and related laser tube cutting equipment.

Laser tube cutting is a very efficient technology. Although tube cutting has not yet officially begun, design changes can be made without affecting the entire production process. And it is possible to respond quickly to customer needs without the need for special production models. As a result, tube laser cutting machines can process tubes of any shape and cut in any direction. And the templates can be changed quickly and easily, and the forms do not require the help of tools, making it a strong competitive product for custom business personalization.

In general, tube laser cutting machine is a very promising technology. Not only high cutting speed, high product quality, and low processing costs, can be used to cut a variety of materials, will become the main technical means of pipe cutting in the future. More and more manufacturing industries have to choose this technology to improve the competitiveness of their products.

At present, pipe laser cutting machine has become the new favorite of metal pipe processing industry, and its application in metallurgical industry is gradually popularized. The high efficiency of laser cutting technology has greatly promoted the transformation and renewal of domestic industrial technology. But how much do you know about the configuration of the pipe laser cutting machine? Here is a brief introduction for you:

1. The heart of the pipe laser cutting machine: the laser is generally divided into domestic lasers and imported lasers, the price difference is very large, of course, the performance and stability also vary greatly. Imported lasers of well-known brands are SPI and IPG, domestic lasers are mainly produced by the state-owned Ruike.

2. Cutting head: cutting head on the metal pipe laser cutting machine cutting effect can not be ignored. Import prices are relatively expensive. Many small manufacturers ignore the performance of the equipment in order to protect their profits. And usually use cartridges at home. . Therefore, customers should clearly raise questions when comparing the configuration.

3. Servo motor: stepper motor is one of the factors affecting the cutting speed, generally use Japan&qu39;s Yaskawa and Panasonic, Germany&qu39;s Siemens and China&qu39;s Delta. There is a difference in price and performance. So it is also one of the important comparison settings.

4. Software configuration - automatic tracking system: automatic tracking system is the core of the equipment drive, the overall cutting effect of the equipment is very important. Commonly used Prester, Bochu and Weihong system. It is also a price comparison parameters.

5. Air compressor: in order to achieve very high cutting quality and cutting effect, pipe laser cutting machine needs clean, dry and stable air. The role of the air compressor is to supply part of the cutting head with cutting gas, consisting of high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen, part of which is used as the power source of the worktable cylinder, and part of which is used to blow and dust the optical path system.

6. Cooler: cooler is to make the tube laser cutting machine to maintain a constant temperature device. A large amount of heat is released during processing. If it is not cooled in time, it will lead to overheating and damage the laser parts. With the protection of the cooler, the equipment can be processed at a constant temperature.

When choosing a pipe laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Required choices

Before you buy a tube laser cutting machine, you need to specify the size of the tube to be processed and other data to choose the right tube laser cutting machine, and then you need to match the tube laser cutting machine for your process. Need. For example, the wall thickness of the pipe to be processed can be up to 12mm, the diameter of the pipe can be up to φ220mm, and the length of the pipe can be up to 5.5 m. It is easy to cut without punching or threading. Based on this requirement, the machine can be customized with a power of 3000W, a spindle diameter of φ220mm and a length of 6m. This data covers requirements only, and customers can communicate with affected manufacturers according to their long-term plans.

2. According to the after-sales service to choose

The total cost of laser equipment ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Mistakes are inevitable during use. Before buying, you need to understand the after-sales process in more detail to understand how to avoid malfunctions and delays in production followed by unclear or non-existent after-sales process. Remember to buy directly from the manufacturer and not shop from the seller as there may be delays or lack of after sales service. Manufacturers with repair teams can certainly think for themselves.

3. Choose by brand and budget

Choose the manufacturers with good reputation and brand name, because these brands are surely more stable than some new brands of pipe laser cutting machine after years of research and development. If you have a limited budget, you can leave the big and expensive manufacturers and choose the best of the niche brands, you can go to the factory to see the real effect of the cutting, do a check and choose the most suitable one. One for you.

Environmental protection is now supported and many people choose to use bicycles. However, if you walk down the street, the bikes you see are almost the same, nothing special. Have you ever thought of owning a bike that matches your personality? In the age of high technology, laser cutting machine can help you realize your dream.

In Belgium, a bicycle called "Erembald" has attracted a lot of attention, which is limited to 50 units worldwide.

This bike is made with a laser cutter to meet the needs of different riders and achieve the desired results. The Erembald bike is made entirely of stainless steel and has a simple shape. Therefore, to make such a beautiful bike, you will need a laser tube cutter.

Laser tube cutter is a special machine that utilizes laser technology to cut various graphics on pipe fittings and tube profiles. It is a high-tech product integrating CNC technology, laser cutting and precision equipment. It is characterized by professional, high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost, and is the best choice for non-contact processing of metal tubes.

Today, all bicycle frames are made of tubes. Tubes used as bicycle frames have two advantages. First, the weight is relatively low. Second, tubes have some resistance. Most of the tubes used in bicycles are aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, chrome molybdenum steel and carbon fiber. Improvements in the structure and design process of tubing, as well as innovations in processing, have become a constant theme of innovation and development in the bicycle industry.

Tube laser cutting is a popular cutting process in recent years. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cut tubes have smoother cut sections and the cut tubes can be used directly for welding, reducing the number of machining operations in the bicycle industry. Compared with traditional tube processing that requires cutting, punching and bending, the traditional tube processing process requires many molds. Laser-cut tubes not only have fewer processes and higher efficiency, but also have better quality cut parts. At present, with the rapid growth of the national fitness trend, China&qu39;s bicycle industry still has a lot of market development space.

1. High precision. Pipe laser cutting machine adopts the same assembly system to complete the processing project with software, and carry out multi-step processing at the same time, with high precision and smooth burr-free cutting.

2. High efficiency. Pipe laser cutting machine can cut several meters of pipe in a minute, hundreds of times faster than the traditional manual way, laser processing efficiency.

3. Flexibility. Tube laser cutting machine can flexibly process a variety of shapes, allowing designers to make complex designs unimaginable with traditional processing methods.

4. Batches. The standard length of the tube is 6 meters. While conventional processing requires very strong clamping forces, the tube laser cutter can easily handle the clamping and positioning of several meters of tube. The laser can perform automatic batch dispensing of tubes. Automatic alignment, automatic inspection, automatic loading and unloading effectively reduce labor costs.

It is due to the unique and flexible processing of the laser cutting machine that bicycle frames can be made in other styles as well. The unique manufacturing process gives the whole bicycle a different glow and is the best way to produce and process bicycles in small batches.