Tube Cutting Machine (Single Chunck)

  • Suitable for processing various types of tubes.

    Suitable for processing various types of tubes.

  • High precision, high speed and high efficiency.

    High precision, high speed and high efficiency.

  • Economical and practical.

    Economical and practical.

Machine Tool Bed

To address the requirements of high-speed movement, the main machine body is made of high-strength metal by welding and two failure treatments to ensure the accuracy, stability and high rigidity in long-term use;
Automatic support design, eliminating the deformation problem existing in the long pipe cutting process;


Friendess intelligent operating system

Special CNC system, realizing the cutting of tubes with different diameters in different directions; the human-computer interface is easy to operate;
Good human-computer interaction, convenient operation, standard CNC program, easy to operate for new users;
Rich process library and graphic database with process controlled at any time and quick importing of graphics;
Z-axis real-time calibration, integrating following and control units, 80% following and 20% control, realizing faster speed during turning;
Fast leapfrog, improving cutting efficiency;
High precision, high speed, high following, high intelligence;
A variety of centering methods, centering and leveling available for all kinds of pipes, thus improving cutting accuracy.

Wireless Controller

It is controlled with a wireless controller, which makes the operation more simple and efficient;
It can realize the remote control of the machine for cutting, piercing, moving, calibration and other operations.



It presents higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, better and more stable beam quality and stronger anti-high reaction ability, and is equipped with an optimized second-generation fiber transmission system, ensuring a more stable and more precise cutting effect of thick plates;
Fiber laser sources are suitable for a variety of applications, such as cutting, welding, drilling, medical device processing; cut plates have narrow kerf and bright section.

Pneumatic Chuck

Full-stroke pneumatic chuck, automatic center adjustment, easy to operate;
Full-stroke pneumatic chuck, built-in cylinder, easy to install, achieving clamping and release through by air intake from sides, applicable for clamping all pipes;
The four-claw guide and guide rail mechanical transmission, realizing higher straightness and stability of four claws, and truly self-centering effect, free from position adjustment of four claws, thus greatly reducing the labor cost of adjustment, and improving production efficiency, stability and wear resistance.


Cutting Head

Auto-focus laser cutting head for optical fiber;
The product has a built-in motor to drive the focus lens for automatic change of its position within the range of 24 mm through a linear mechanism; the user can set continuous focusing through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of pipes with different thicknesses and materials;
The product is fitted with D30 compound lens assembly for beam shaping and coupling, and the optimized optical and water-cooled design to make the laser head work stably for a long time at high power.

Introduction of Moving Parts

The equipment adopts Yaskawa, INOVANCE, Fuji or LEAD-MOTION servo motor to drive the feeding unit to realize continuous operation and automatic pipe feeding; the cutting length is controlled by the servo motor; the system has the functions of size adjustment, size compensation and automatic leveling of pipe ends, and supports 3D map importing for processing;
It is equipped with Shimpo, MOTOVARIO, Beitto or Techmech high-precision gearbox and YYC, LEAN or Hiwin rack and pinion to guarantee the high-precision cutting of machine tool;




size of product

General pipe cutter / semi-automatic pipe cutter / automatic pipe cutter

Length of cutting pipe


 Applicable materials

Suitable for all metal pipe punching and cutting processing, a variety of commonly used closed and non-closed metal pipe processing. Such as: square pipe, round tube, elliptical tube, corner iron, groove steel, I-steel, etc.

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