Single Table Laser Cutting Machine

  • Compact structure, space-saving.

  • Easy to operate, fully functional. Used for cutting various metal sheets of different thickness.

  • Suitable for multiple product batches of small quantities.

Machine Tool Bed

The machine tool adopts high strength integral tube welding bed subject to the high-temperature heat treatment;
High-precision machining of guideway is implemented for stress relief and strong anti-deformation ability.


Cross Beam

Made of aviation aluminum material, featuring light weight, good dynamic performance;
The application of ultra-high pressure drawing process and lightweight design makes its weight reduced by 30% than cast aluminum cross beams, and its strength and rigidity increased by more than 20%.

Friendess Control System

Good human-computer interaction, convenient operation, standard CNC program, easy to operate for new users;
Rich process library and graphic database with process controlled at any time and quick importing of graphics;
Fast and high-utilization nesting algorithm, reducing material waste, no upper limit on the number of nesting plates;
Optimized cutting path, multiple common edge tool path generation modes developed for different customer scenarios;
High precision, high speed, high following, high intelligence;
Advanced intelligent CNC system, stable, easy to learn, efficient and fully functional.


Wireless Controller

It is controlled with a wireless controller, which makes the operation more simple and efficient;
It can realize the remote control of the machine for cutting, piercing, moving, calibration and other operations.

Laser Source

Adopts 1000W-6000W fiber laser sources from IPG, TRUMPF, Raycus, MAX photonics, RECI and BWT;
The fiber laser source has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and is equipped with an optimized second-generation fiber transmission system to achieve a more stable beam quality and a stronger anti-high reaction ability, ensuring a more stable and more precise cutting effect of thick plates;
Cut plates have narrow kerf and bright section.


Cutting Head

RAYTools, WSX, Boci or Precitec cutting head for cutting optical fiber Collimation auto-focus;
Compatible with standard QBH connector;
Dust-proof design with three protective lenses;
Independent focus protective lens module, convenient for replacement.

Servo Motor, Driver, Gearbox and Rack and Pinion

Equipped with Yaskawa, Inovance, Fuji, LEAD-MOTION servo motor and driver; featuring high precision, high speed, large torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance, thus ensuring the high speed and acceleration of the whole machine.
Equipped with Shimpo, MOTOVARIO, Beitto or Techmech gearbox and YYC, LEAN or Hiwin rack and pinion for precise control and high-speed operation.




size of product



Profitude (mm * mm)




Applicable materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal materials

positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


maximum speed


maximal acceleration


Laser power



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