Handheld Laser cleaner

  • Simple and easy-to-learn operation.

    Simple and easy-to-learn operation.

  • Flexible and convenient to use.

    Flexible and convenient to use.

  • High work efficiency and low labor intensity.

    High work efficiency and low labor intensity.

Product features:

Higher energy consumption ratio: efficient energy-saving technology, high brightness single-mode laser technology, new air-cooled technology platform architecture, active cooling media dissipation;


Auto focus laser cutting head

More convenient to move: It is superior to cooling water handheld laser cleaner for better weight and volume design, with a weight of about 1/3 and a volume of about 4/1; it is designed with lightweight size but nearly doubling application scenarios. It is highly portable and is plug-and-play (220V); the integrated body design conforms to ergonomics, and has improved the mobile reliability of the entire machine;

Application scenarios:

1) Cleaning and quick paint removal on metal or glass surface coating;
2) Rapid rust removal and various oxides;
3) Cleaning oil, resin, dust, and production residues;
4) Metal surface roughness;
5) Cleaning of molds, tire molds and electronic molds;
6) Cleaning of oil stains after production and processing of precision components;
7) Rapid cleaning after nuclear power component maintenance;
8) Cleaning of metal surfaces in narrow spaces.






Optical output power


input voltage




Average load power


Transmission length

The standard length is 8m

auxiliary gas

Nitrogen, argon, and dry air

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