Platform Welding Machine

  • Meet special processing requirements Precise design, reliable operation.

  • Reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.Improve working environment and reduce labor intensity.

  • Meet the requirements of automation, informatization and intelligence.

electrical components and servo drivers

It is equipped with the electrical components and servo drivers of first-line brands, such as Schneider, SMC and LEAD-MOTION to ensure that the machine is stable, reliable and responsive in operation.


Optical fiber CNC system

It is equipped with Windows operating system and optical fiber CNC system (Friendess system) with powerful functions, user-friendly interface and easy operation; the CAD/CAM can be installed in the industrial computer for drawing and programming in production, and minimizing the consumption of raw materials.

Precision cooling Hanli water tank

Precision cooling Hanli water tank is used to ensure the constant temperature of the whole machine.


Fast welding speed

There is no depression at the joint of the raised part of the molten materials in the bath and the substrate! Fast welding speed, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding speed, therefore, it can save at least 2 welders for a machine a year. Good full-material welding effect.

Long service life

Low consumption of materials. Long service life, stable power output, long-term operation.






laser wavelength


Introduction to laser work

rare earth doped optical fiber

pulse Width

continuous light

aiming and positioning

red light indication+CCD

control System

linux,industrial processor



cooling method

water-cooled or air-cooled

optical fiber interface


fiber diameter


fiber length


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