3D Robotic Laser Processing Machine

  • Meet the high-end demands of users' industrial upgrading.Provide best solutions for 3D-workpiece processing.

  • Enclosed processing area, in compliance with strict standards of safety and environment.Automation of production processes reduces employee labor intensity.Information control during the process significantly improves production efficiency.

  • Processing trajectory is guided by the vision system.Real-time monitoring for closed-loop control.Advanced technology, leading the Industry

Main Configurations:

The 3D laser welding system is a perfect and flexible combination of robot and laser device. By equipping with a lightweight 3D anti-collision welding head, it can realize 3D welding, thus it is a suitable tool for 3D welding of metal parts and components.
It is preponderant in high electro-optical conversion rate, excellent stability, small size, flexible processing, easy to learn the programming, etc.
It is a necessary flexible equipment for processing high-quality products due to its high welding efficiency, small heat affected zone, perfect and firm welds, and low operating cost.


Robot: Japan FANUC: M-20iB high-precision robot

FANUC Industrial Robot is the world's top brand in market share at present. It is the most preferred industrial robot for the automotive manufacturing, electronic and electrical industries. It provides products of high stability and precision, and excellent after-sales services.

Fiber laser: Shenzhen MAX photonics: water-cooling simple module continuous 3000X

Shenzhen MAX photonics has been developed into an internationally renowned laser device manufacturer integrated with research and development, production, and sales of fiber lasers and core optical devices.
Modular design, stable performance;
Convenient maintenance and reduced downtime;
Customizable to meet various needs;
Uniform spot energy distribution and stable processing;
Multiple scenarios and wide applications


Cutting head: Shanghai Empower Raytools: BT240

Raytools is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for intelligent laser manufacturing, wholeheartedly providing one-stop services for laser equipment integrators and users.

Welding head model: XHHW-30P

The BT220 series is a fiber optic cutting head suitable for 3000W industrial laser production applications produced by RAYTOOLS AG. Relying on the overall optimized optical focusing system, annular air path, turbulent airflow and nozzle cooling designs, built-in water cooling unit, and fine adjustment of focus position, it can fully meet the industrial laser processing environment requirements for cutting thin and medium thick plates in different applications and other customized needs. Multiple flexible fiber interface options and optical collimation focusing configurations enable it to adapt to various mainstream fiber lasers in the industry.


Water chiller: Wuhan Hanli: HL-3000

Wuhan Hanli is a well-known domestic professional manufacturer of laser chillers for fiber lasers, providing products featured of intelligent control, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving.
Quality management system, remote control communication and operational data can be recorded, with a query system available; the cooling water is of excellent quality and high water temperature accuracy; the product is featured of stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving.

A special control system for 3D laser welding

The 3D laser cutting control system developed by our company is a dual control system composed of FANUC robot system and Mitsubishi PLC.
Our company developed this product based on the FANUC robot application software by adding OBARA welding software and rich graphics library, making it easy to learn and operate the demonstration programming. It is specifically developed for the field of 3D laser welding and can more efficiently complete various operation instructions and actions.


Electric control cabinet and cabinet air condition

A standard industrial dustproof cabinet produced by German Rittal is used, with a compact and reasonable layout, integrated with the control board, robot IO control cabinet, laser, and transformer inside the cabinet;
Sealing strips are added around the door body to isolate dust from entry, which can extend the service life of electrical components, and improve the reliability and stability of machine system operation;
It is equipped with a cabinet air condition,making the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet always in an ideal state thus to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.





Robot brand and model type



Maximum working radius on the outside of the robot


Robot repeated positioning accuracy


Number of robot axis

6 Axis

Robotic arm payload


Equipment Weight (Estimated Value)



Fiber laser power


laser wave length


Maximum cutting speed

Refer to the welding parameter table

Processing material thickness

Refer to the welding parameter table

water cooling unit

cooling-down method


overall unit

Continuous working hours

24 Hours

working power supply

380V ± 10%50Hz/60Hz

Coaxial blowing requirements


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