Precision Laser Cutting Machine

  • Custom-designed according to users’ requirements. Achieve high-speed and high-precision manufacturing of thin plates.

  • Rigorous machine structure and precise control.

  • Significantly improve the product quality for users.

Machine Tool Bed

The main unit of the equipment presents high overall rigidity and strength and good acceleration performance, and can effectively prevent structural deformation;
The frame adopts marble structure, with good overall rigidity and high strength;
Integrated structural design, compact overall layout, small floor area and good appearance quality.


Cross beam:

The cross beams are made extruded aluminum profiles, which have good acceleration performance and can effectively prevent structural deformation;
The cross beams adopt lightweight design with good acceleration performance, and are precisely processed by CNC gantry milling machine to ensure accurate movement;
The cross beams are processed as follows: conduct tempering to eliminate internal stress; carry out rough machining; conduct two vibration failure treatments and then precision machining to ensure the overall strength, rigidity, and stability.


It presents higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, better and more stable beam quality and stronger anti-high reaction ability, and is equipped with an optimized second-generation fiber transmission system, ensuring a more stable and more precise cutting effect of thick plates;
Suitable for a variety of applications, such as cutting, welding, drilling, medical device processing; cut plates have narrow kerf and bright section.


Cutting head

High adaptability: With multiple fiber interfaces such as QBH and QCS, it can adapt to various mainstream lasers;
Excellent design: The optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient airflow design have significantly improved cutting quality and efficiency;
Slender nozzle design: The modular and elongated nozzle design has reduced workpiece interference;
Exquisite structure: Extremely light in weight and compact in size, reducing robot load requirements and improving cutting speed and quality.

Cooling system

Specially developed for fiber laser equipment, perfectly compatible with various brands of lasers;
A full range of environmentally friendly refrigerants are available to meet various export demands;
Fully tested by a professional laboratory before delivery;
Stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy-saving and power saving.


Friendess Control System

An open motion control platform that integrates motion control, PLC, and HMI, which can be effectively applied to various types of laser processing;
The EtherCAT bus based AheadTechs greatly improves the flexibility and scalability of equipment, making it possible for intelligent factories and equipment interconnection;
The AT series of professional laser cutting software is AheadTechs, which is a professional CNC software suitable for industrial laser production applications. Its overall smooth, simple and easy-to-use HMI, rich functional modules, and independent process database enable it to adapt to various mainstream laser cutting equipment in the industry.





width of cloth or woolen goods


route or distance of travel


Repeat positioning accuracy


Fast transversal speed


maximal acceleration


Laser power


Applicable materials

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal materials

Visual positioning system


Machine tool exterior size


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