Specialized Automated Marking Machines

  • Integrate various laser processing processes to achieve automated, informatized and intelligent production. Compact layout, space-saving.

  • Reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Reasonable rhythm and stable operation.

  • Suitable for large-scale processing of the same material.


1) Actually fully sealed, consumables free, maintenance free;
2) Adopting fiber laser technology, the core components are world brand components;
3) Effective laser mode, delicate marking effects, high accuracy, and fast speed;
4) The marking software is an excellent system in the industry, which can be modified promptly and quickly according to user needs;



5) Can directly convert various format files using AUTOCAD and COREDRAW9;
6) Equipped with infrared light indication and printing range preview function;
7) The software can separately set the graphics or text to be marked, achieving hierarchical marking of different graphic elements within the same file using different marking parameters.
8) Can print barcodes including 128/25/39/93/EN-13 codes;


9) Can print QR codes;
10) Directly mark the serial number automatically;
11) Collaborate with the conveyor belt to achieve online marking;
12) Optional rotary workbench for automatic marking of the circular surface;




Parameters / models


Laser type

Q-pulse fiber laser

scanning mode

High-speed digital scanning vibrator lens

laser power


laser wave length


Beam mass M2


repeat frequency rate


Tagged range


Grinding depth


Tagged speed


Minimum line width


Minimum character


repeatability precision


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