Environmental protection is greater than the sky, the environmental protection of the laser printer coding skills

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Today's world has evolved into an industrial society with rapid industrial development and a significant increase in the production and use of various electromechanical products. However, with the development of the industry, a number of environmental problems have arisen.

Today&qu39;s world has evolved into an industrial society with rapid industrial development and a significant increase in the production and use of various electromechanical products. However, with the development of the industry, a number of environmental problems have arisen. Increasingly serious environmental pollution is becoming the biggest hidden danger to human and animal health. With the introduction of national environmental protection policies, environmental protection has become a topic that touches everyone. In the protection of the environment has a unique advantage of the laser printer also opens up new opportunities for development.

1. Meaning of marking and coding

Some readers may not realize the importance of labeling and coding. Inkjet content can also be very visual in communicating product information to consumers. Place of origin, date of manufacture, shelf life, company information, etc.

The popularity of inkjet printers lies in the fact that inkjet printers allow consumers to place a specific logo and branding on a product with a unique brand. This logo allows consumers to visually distinguish between two product types, helping companies shape their markets and build their brands.

Creating a market for a product through identification is only one of the tasks of inkjet printers. In addition, the popularity of inkjet printers has made it extremely easy to trace products, thus preventing counterfeiting. Information such as QR codes and lot numbers can be found in the product packaging. In this way, you can track every product that leaves the factory. In this case, it is much easier for companies to manage large products, greatly improving their efficiency and reducing labor costs.

2. Greening dispatch

Traditional inkjet coding requires ink, which inevitably causes some environmental pollution. What we mean by environmentally friendly inkjet refers to inkjet laser printers.

Laser coding is the use of a laser beam to produce permanent markings on the surface of various materials. The principle of coding is to expose the depth of the material by evaporating the surface material, or by causing chemical and physical changes in the surface material through "etch" marks caused by light energy, or by burning away parts of the material with light energy. Identify the necessary engravings, drawings, and text. Since the entire process does not require the use of ink or other impurities, laser inkjet printing meets this "environmental code".

3. Application box for various laser printers

Thanks to long-term market research and the real needs of our customers, the laser coding equipment we manufacture is used in food, pharmaceutical, cable, chemical, electronic and other industries. The following Sanqin Spray Painting article introduces three typical applications of laser coding machines in specific industries, showing how laser coding machines contribute to environmental protection in various industries.

1. Industrial use of fiber laser inkjet printers.

Fiber laser inkjet printer is a kind of marking equipment that focuses a laser beam on the surface of various materials and can use light to make physical or chemical changes to the surface material to engrave permanent markings such as patterns, text, words and so on. . Its main feature is that it is suitable for most metallic materials and some non-metallic materials. It can be said that compared with UV laser printers and CO2 laser printers, surface marking of metal materials is a strong point.

2. Industrial use of UV laser inkjet printers.

UV laser inkjet refers to "cold processing", which is a special technology in the field of laser marking, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold exfoliation, which does not cause "thermal damage" and does not require heating or breaking of chemical bonds or thermal deformation. . . On the surface of the material. The resulting material has smooth edges and minimal carbonization.

This nearly harmless material property makes the UV laserjet printer have a wider range of applications than the fiber laserjet printer and CO2 laserjet printer. It is suitable for very fine inkjet printing, especially for food and drug packaging materials, skin care products and other industries.

3. Industrial use of CO2 laser inkjet printers

Carbon dioxide laser is a molecular laser. The main substance is the CO2 molecule, which can have different energy states depending on its vibration and rotation. CO2 laser inkjet printers create a contact reaction between the CO2 molecules and the product, leaving a permanent mark on the surface of the product.

Mineral water or edible oil bottles are mainly made of PET, due to the better absorption of CO2 laser by PET material, CO2 laser can achieve the best coding effect.

Regardless of the coded material, laser inkjet printers can code the environment. Laser inkjet printers can type fixed and reproducible serial numbers, factory labels, 2D codes, and other information on the surface of each product to realize the database management of the commodity system. Simply request and track the path and flow of products to effectively manage the circulation of unoriginal products.