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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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Entrepreneurship, danger-free scenery in Danger Peak
——Remember the business
       "Entrepreneurship, the danger-free scenery is at Dangerous Peak". When I was studying for a doctor in Shanghai Jiaotong University, the school opened an entrepreneurship class. It was about that time that I planted a seed of entrepreneurship in my heart. So far, there is also a souvenir of the entrepreneurial class, a cup with the phrase "Entrepreneurship, the scenery is dangerous in danger". It has always been by my side, encouraging me countless times. Entrepreneurship seems to be climbing a dangerous peak. When you step on the peak, look around and see the scenery. All the struggles and distresses are With the breeze away, take a break, the goal is the next dangerous peak.
       The first dangerous peak arrived in Dayun. Vaguely remembered that night when I was walking in Xinyue apartment complex, I talked to my wife about Dayun's opportunity to start an independent business, and she sympathetically supported me to do what I wanted to do and chase my self-fulfilled life. After a while, I took my bag, brought my parents, wife, and daughter, and started the journey of Dayun entrepreneurship. This is not the first time I have started a business. The first time I started a business was to set up CLP Skystar Laser Technology Co., Ltd. with our mentor Professor Xu Jianqiu. Thousands of employees came in with thousands of capital and standard offices. However, this time it was not so smooth. The team members did not come to Dayun as scheduled due to various reasons such as location, family, and development. Without sufficient funds and no eager technical staff, some only received 300,000 gifts during the wedding ceremony, and an empty ashes in front of them. However, we are here already, and there is no turning sword in the bow. In order to save money, we bought paint and made epoxy flooring ourselves. The landlord next door said, "Why did the boss come here to brush the ground ...". Now, looking at the dangdang equipment in this factory building, a little bit in the office building and the selected belongings, I can't help feeling a sense of pride.
      The second dangerous peak, the brand identity is slowly taking a long way. I still clearly remember that day, wandering aimlessly in the open space beside the factory. Reduce your internal stress by walking. After coming to Jiashan, only a few households in Dayun Town have laser cutting machines-products we are also producing, but when we visited one by one, they said that we were not famous, the market did not recognize it, and the market was in possession. Less, customers who are not using nearby and so on. Refuse to purchase equipment right in front of his home. A more detailed introduction just ushered in a bare smile. In this way, from March 2017, Huyun Optoelectronics officially opened business. Until the end of June, there was no rice cooker and no market source, and there was a scene in my heart like an ant on a hot pot. I have written here, and in retrospect, I am very fortunate. Fortunately, after a year of hard work, everyone recognized our products, recognized our brand, and recognized my business philosophy of becoming an entrepreneur. To date, customers have been located throughout Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan and overseas.
       The third dangerous peak, starting and ending. In the first half of 2017, we have achieved more than 6 million sales, established a stable supply chain, harvested the brand recognition of Huyun Optoelectronics, and harvested a high-tech team with a reasonable structure and strong R & D strength. Since the beginning of 2018, our orders have drifted like snowflakes, marking machines, CO2 cutting machines, fiber cutting machines, various customized laser equipment, and domestic and foreign agents who actively come to our door. As of today, we have signed more than 3 million sales contracts, and more and more technical personnel and professional doctors have joined our team. "China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Zhejiang Province, fourth place in the advanced manufacturing group", "Zhejiang Province, quality and integrity double excellent unit", "Jiashan Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurship Project", "Jiaxing Youth Entrepreneurship Competition" Baihui Cup "3 Etc. "," Innovation-driven Demonstration Enterprise "," Jiashan County Talent Advanced Enterprise Working Group "," Jiashan County High-skilled Talent Innovation Studio "and so on. Honours have also come one after another. Behind them is the market's recognition of us.
      Aspiring to become a regulatory company this year, we also face more challenges. The increase in team members, the increase in sales orders, and the rapid investment in exhibition promotion and brand building have brought tremendous pressure on our funds. The rapid expansion of the company has also put forward new requirements for the company's production workshop area. Entrepreneurship will never be smooth sailing, and it is precisely this ups and downs charm that attracts us to do it unswervingly.
       I love Jiashan, I love Dayun, and my family is in love with it. This is our second hometown. Huyun Optoelectronics is like my second child. Thanks to the local government for giving me a good starting point and continuous care and support, so that the dreams of me and my team members take root here. The love of my family, the concern of my friends and colleagues, and the support of the government are my inexhaustible source of motivation for climbing dangerous peaks. I am proud to be a Ph.D. graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University on the road of entrepreneurship, while realizing the value of my life, not forgetting the cultivation of the country, and dedicating my strength to building a strong motherland.
----------------- Written in Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. in May 2018

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