current position:
Members of Foreign Trade


Members of Foreign Trade 3000 — 15000 元
所属部门 : Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • Zhejiang Province || Jiaxing City || Jiashan County
  • No limit
  • Senior high school
  • Full time
  • 招20人
Description of position:
Job Title: Foreign Trade Officer
Demand: 20
Major: Unlimited
Salary: 3000-15000
Welfare: Five insurances and one fund, legal holidays, meal supplements
Job requirements:
1. Responsible for the conclusion of the sales contract
2. Supervise the implementation of orders and tracking of the delivery process.
3. Responsible for customer relationship maintenance and provide product promotion support for sales managers
4. English level 4 or above, good spoken language ability, proficient in other languages is also possible

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