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Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huyun Optoelectronics") is one of the subsidiaries of Huyun Laser Group Co., Ltd., located in Dayun German Industrial Park, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province. The company has an area of 12,000 square meters, and has long been committed to research, development, production and sales of various high-end industrial application laser equipment, especially related laser equipment based on fiber lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, ultraviolet lasers and ultra-short pulse lasers.
At present, the company's products mainly include fiber laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, carbon dioxide laser cutting machines / engraving machines, laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser cleaning machines, etc. These products have been widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising, 3C industry, automotive industry, solar cells, lithium batteries, hardware processing, clothing, shoes and other fields.


Company plant area of 12000 square meters


More than 5 PhD students


Founded in 2016


Customer satisfaction up to 99%

Strive for Chinese laser technology's worldwide reputation

As a new type of clean and environmentally friendly processing tool, laser equipment is used almost everywhere. Currently, Huyun Optoelectronics has more than 50% of its R & D staff and more than 5 doctoral students. Work together to build Huyun Optoelectronics into a world-renowned brand.
       Huyun Laser Group Co., Ltd. is based on high-end, widely-received talents, and strives to become a domestic flashlight with the "integrity, innovation" spirit of enterprise, excellence in craftsmanship, scientific management, perfect team, excellent service and professional technology. Bright laser technology star.


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